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From trickle to superfast: Tales of charging

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This article is may not be what you would expect. This is not an explanation or an in-depth analysis on the various types of charging. Neither is the DC Combo compared against the AC Fast Charger or are differences scrutinized between home charging, public charging and workplace charging. Also, this is not an introduction to the advantages of Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3, or a technical discussion on the efficiency of direct charging, inductive charging or dynamic charging. Nope, none of this all.

This weblog tries to unlock the stories behind charging and why people are making certain choices. But, then again without the great variety of charging options there wouldn’t be any stories or tales to tell. So sit down, buckle up and get ready for some “discourse charging”. Read More

Gallons of lights: Tales of E-mobility introduction

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Somehow the Coast to Coast E-Mobility Connection (C2C) could not have had a better start in 2013. Government, industry and universities all made bold decisions supporting the introduction of e-mobility both in California and The Netherlands.

The question is whether these bold steps will bring the much anticipated “giant leap” for e-mobility. This first weblog tries to explore this leap in (only) 5 steps. Read More

Spijkstaal Elektro joins the ranks

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Spijkstaal Elektro is the latest partner of our cluster. The Dutch company develops and manufactures a wide range of e-mobility products, from bikes to city cars and utility vehicles. The company has a long history of pioneering new mobility solutions.

New site launched

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Since you’re reading these lines, we can safely assume you know about our new website. Are you interested in a small tour? Do you want to provide some feedback? Is there something you would like to ask us?