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Coast to Coast Foundation

Both the European and the US West-Coasts are pioneering Smart e-mobility. Governments, universities and companies are co-operating to speed up developments. The two regions have lots in common, facing the same challenges and generating the same business opportunities.So why develop the e-wheel twice, both in Europe and the US? That’s where the foundation kicks in.
 The coast to coast foundation: 
…is supported by both public and private partners
…is designed to promote knowledge and innovation exchange
…wants to support governments, industry and academia

In other words:

Exchanging knowledge

Sharing experiences

Creating opportunities

Main activities
  1. Organization of seminars/events
  2. Organization of innovation and  study tours;
  3. One-on-one support of foundation partners;
  4. Stimulate and support pilot projects and new business development;
  5. Innovation exchange between governments, industry and universities;
  6. Communication: web portal, weblogs, twitter (@Coast2Coast_EV).
  7. Development of campus hubs
Our partners

The foundation is supported by public and private partners. All partners aim to exchange knowledge, share experiences and create opportunities from coast to coast. An overview of partners you can find here.

Furthermore, the foundation works closely together with organizations like VELOZ, UCDavis, MRA-e, NSOB and UCDavis.

Charging Points in the Netherlands (2021)
Public   72,000
Fast Charging   2,200
Long-term goals EVs in the Netherlands
2025   1,0 million
2030   100% ZEV sales
Long-term goals ZEVs in California
2025    1,5 million
2030    5,0 million
2035    100% ZEV sales

Want to know more? Want to share something? Please let us know!

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