The Coast to Coast E-Mobility Connection

Both the European and the US West-Coasts are pioneering e-mobility. Governments, universities and companies are co-operating to speed up developments. The two regions have lots in common, facing the same challenges and generating the same business opportunities.So why develop the e-wheel twice, both in Europe and the US? That’s where the Coast to Coast E-Mobility Connection kicks in.
The Coast to Coast E-Mobility Connection
…is a public private partnership
…designed to promote knowledge and innovation exchange
…between US and Dutch government and universities
…and to position companies in the respective e-mobility markets

In other words:

Exchanging knowledge

Sharing experiences

Creating opportunities


Main activities
  1. Development of “Holland E-Mobility House” at Consulate General, San Francisco;
  2. Organization of seminars/events at the Holland E-Mobility House;
  3. Organization of trade missions and study tours;
  4. Development of bilateral relations between US and NL decision makers (government, universities, companies), e.g. ZEV Action Plan.
  5. Stimulate and realise pilot projects and new business development;
  6. Knowledge and innovation dissemination between US and Dutch governments and universities;
  7. Communication: web portal, weblogs, twitter (@Coast2Coast_EV).
Program duration

The program will run (at least) until Summer 2016.

Our partners

The “Electrifying Holland – West Coast!” cluster is a private public partnership. With all partners agreements have been signed aimed to exchange knowledge, share experiences and create opportunities in both regions.

An overview of partners you can find here

Charging Points in the Netherlands (2015)
Public    7,121
Semi-Public    9,214
Quick Charging    408
Long-term goals EVs in the Netherlands
2015    ~70,000
2020    200,000
2025    1,0 million
Long-term goals ZEVs in California
2015    ~165,000
2020    1,0 million
2025    1,5 million
Best Range (Advertised Range)
Tesla Model S 85D 270 miles
Kia Soul EV 120 miles
Fiat 500e 116 miles
Mercedes B Class Electric Drive 87 miles
Nissan Leaf 84 miles
Best Selling Models (2014 – Global Units Sold)
Nissan Leaf 61,027
Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid EV 31,689
Tesla Model S 31,655
Chevrolet Volt 21,293
Toyota Prius Plug-in 19,018


Financial incentives

Exemption from Registration Tax (until 2018) €5,000-8,000 per EV
Exemption from Road Tax (until at least 2014) €400-700 per EV per year
No Surcharge on income tax for private use of company cars: €2,000 per EV per year
Tax deductible investments: 19% tax relief for EV’s and charging stations
Amsterdam has additional incentives: e.g. €40,000 for heavy duty e-trucks and e-buses
Various tax credits, rebates and incentives for foreign investments


Learn more about the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco

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