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Allego and Microsoft create Cloud Services Platform for EV charging

By 2017/10/24News

Companies easily manage their charge points by a full portfolio of cloud based services.

Charging solution provider Allego and Microsoft join forces to provide companies a broad portfolio of online services to manage their current or new charge points and start new services to their customers. Both companies built the EV Cloud Services Platform that empowers companies to create interoperable services: at home, at work and on-the-go. The EV Cloud Services Platform of Allego is based on the Microsoft Azure technology.

EV market becomes more connected
Allego and Microsoft both see that the e-mobility market gets more and more interconnected. Vehicles, charging infrastructure, location services, cross border mobility, payment systems all become more interrelated and will lead to a smart services network that provides an integrated and seamless driver experience. As the EV market is at the tipping point of becoming a mass market, there is an exponential increase in data and transactions expected. The platform and the EV services are highly scalable to cope with that on a multi country bases.

Anja van Niersen, CEO Allego: “Our EV Cloud Services Platform provides practical business solutions and covers quantifiable services including billing, active monitoring, mobile apps, website portals, analytic tools and computing power. In this way companies really are able to play an active role in providing charging facilities to their customers, employees and visitors, even in their own brand. And the best part is, they stay in charge of the services they provide and actively monitor developments. We are proud to work together with Microsoft and together enable companies to actively contribute to clean mobility.”

Juan Jose Amor Cazorla, Director Sales Operations Microsoft Services Western Europe: “Allego is embracing the full power of the Microsoft cloud platform, as well as recommended practices and global experience through the Microsoft Services organization, to build its Charge Point Operations Services on a future-proof platform. Allego and Microsoft are committed to working together to further accelerate the development of the EV Cloud Platform so Allego can deliver customer-centric solutions which are always up to date with the latest cloud technology.”


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