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Allego joins Coast to Coast e-Mobility

By 2014/09/16February 4th, 2016News

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 Allego becomes 20th member of

US/Dutch Coast-to-Coast e-Mobility Initiative

San Francisco, California — On September 16th, 2014 in San Francisco, Allego becomes the 20th member of the Coast to Coast e-Mobility Initiative to cooperate and develop the US and Dutch e-Mobility market. The signing ceremony is part of the “Stella goes USA” project and takes place at the Residence of the Consul General of the Netherlands.

“Coast-to-Coast e-Mobility is very excited that Allego joins the partnership”, says Peter van Deventer, Director. “Allego has excellent knowledge of urban mobility solutions in The Netherlands and Germany, and provides great complementarity in the Public Private Partnership. In addition, Allego brings a large network and expertise on the interface with network operators and utilities which I consider a great asset to the transatlantic cooperation between The Netherlands and California and their ambitions to accelerate the introduction of cleaner, electric transportation.”

“Allego is pleased to join Coast-to-Coast e-Mobility. Coast to Coast has an excellent network of universities, governmental organizations and US companies which can help us make new connections”, says Anja van Niersen, General Manager of Allego. “We very much look forward to partnering with the Dutch and US partners of Coast to Coast e-Mobility to move the zero emission transportation market forward”


The Netherlands and California are global leaders for e-Mobility introduction. In 2013 Matt Rodriquez, Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency, and Wilma Mansveld, Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment signed an bilateral agreement on e-Mobility. In addition, the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative and Coast to Coast e-Mobility signed a multi-year agreement to cooperate on knowledge transfer and business development.

“The Coast to Coast E-Mobility Connection” (C2C), a public-private partnership, aims to promote knowledge and innovation exchange between Dutch and U.S. governments, universities and companies; to strengthen bilateral relations between decision-makers; and, to help position private organizations in relevant e-mobility markets.

In April 2013, C2C set up a dedicated Holland E-Mobility House, located within the Netherlands Consulate General in San Francisco, to organize seminars, trade missions, study tours and other programs to support the partnership’s aims. C2C communicates news related to developments in e-mobility in the US and Netherlands through various channels.

Since its launch the Holland E-Mobility House has made great strides, achieving several results, including signing of the MoU between the Secretary of California EPA and the Dutch Secretary of Environment and Infrastructure, the Governor’s Conference on e-Mobility defining three specific projects for cooperation, a research paper comparing U.S. and Dutch policies supporting the introduction of electric mobility; California Governor’s Office and Dutch government trading policy advisors for three months to learn and to cooperate on e-mobility adoption; hosting a study tour by UC Davis to experience state of the art e-mobility developments in the Netherlands; first investments by various Dutch organizations in California and by California in The Netherlands. Recent winner of a CEC grant with LAEDC (lead partner) and UCLA for setting up the e-Mobility Center for entire Southern California. Additional projects have started with more results to follow soon.

With Allego joining, C2C now represents twenty active and contributing partner organizations: MRA-electric, APPM, Athlon Car Lease, Brabant Development Agency (BOM), De Lage Landen, Eindhoven University of Technology, e-Traction, Ministry of Economic Affairs, NSOB, PROOV, Province of Noord-Holland, Rabobank, Rotterdam University, Spijkstaal Elektro, Tacstone Ventures, UCDavis, WUR and ZERO Motorcycles.


Allego wants everyone to be able to charge their electric vehicle wherever and whenever they want to. Simply and affordably. The requirements and wishes of EV-drivers and other end users form the starting point for all our solutions. On behalf of municipalities, businesses and transport companies, Allego develops and implements user-friendly EV-charging points and concepts suitable for now and the future. We are independent and innovative.

Our clients can be sure of reliable, cost-effective and smart EV-charging Solutions at home, at work and on the road, with the services you need for mobility of the future.

We are focused on the future. Because we want to realize the electric transportation of tomorrow, today. This is why we are investing in the installation and running of EV-charging points ourselves. Allego has its origins in the Dutch energy network company, Alliander, and has been building up market expertise since the beginning of electric transport.


Dr. Peter van Deventer MPA, Diplomatic Liaison and Director

P: +1-831-295-9120 / +31-6-1860-9420

Anja van Niersen, Managing Director

P: +31 6 524 37 406

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