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Market leader in EV Charging Solutions EV-Box officially opens in Amsterdam

By 2016/03/11News

The Municipality of Amsterdam has opened the EV-Box headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

EV-Box Official Opening
Amsterdam, March 3rd, 2016

The Municipality of Amsterdam has opened the EV-Box headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

EV-Box is an international expert in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures and related cloud-based services. The move to a new home base has been the answer to EV-Box’s increasing success within Europe. Earlier this year, EV-Box partnered with Nuon-Heijmans to expand the charging infrastructure in Amsterdam. The charging points will be powered by wind energy, generated via a wind farm owned by Wind Groep Holland and Nuon.

A sustainable city

With the expansion of Low Emission Zones, government incentives and an advanced network of charging points throughout the city, Amsterdam has become an international front-runner in sustainable urban mobility.

Alderman Abdeluheb Choho (Sustainability): “Amsterdam is the first European city to aim for zero-emissions by 2025. One of the key efforts in fulfilling this goal is the stimulation of electric transportation. In the past few years many leading organizations in electric mobility have either founded or established themselves in Amsterdam. We’re truly proud to welcome EV-Box, which will play an important part in the expansion of electric transportation in our city.”

The move to Amsterdam

EV-Box made its move to the new headquarters in Amsterdam in July 2015. The renowned reputation of Amsterdam within the EV industry was not the only reason for this transition. The move to the Dutch capital has primarily been the answer to an increasing demand for EV-Box products in Europe, where individuals, businesses and municipalities are now investing more and more in sustainable mobility.

“The opening of EV-Box’s new headquarters office has been a natural response to the strong growth of EV-Box’s customer and partner base in Europe,” said Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO EV-Box.

From its prior office in Almere, the move to EV-Box’s new headquarters was executed 100% sustainably with electric moving trucks. In its new parking area EV-Box provides charging stations for dozens of electric cars.

All chargers are configured to optimize energy efficiency. When energy usage reaches its peak, these chargers are capable of avoiding overcapacity by distributing the available power over multiple vehicles. This, so-called Smart Charging, technology is similarly applied to EV-Box’s public charging stations in Amsterdam, as well as in other major Dutch cities such as Utrecht and Rotterdam.

Towards 4,000 charging points with Amsterdam Elektrisch

In early 2016, the Municipality of Amsterdam partnered with EV-Box and Dutch utility partners Nuon-Heijmans, to expand the charging infrastructure in Amsterdam. EV-Box was appointed to become the sole charging station supplier within this operation.

Amsterdam Elektrisch, the city’s e-mobility program and the project manager of this initiative, has previously installed more than a thousand EV-Box charging points throughout Amsterdam. In addition, both parties collaboratively manage a few Fast Chargers in the south and southeast of Amsterdam. A unique undertaking, as these are the only fast chargers within the city and are made available at an affordable rate of € 0,30 per kWh.

Its easy-to-use charging stations (equipped with the iconic LED ring) and its extended network of over 36,000 charging points helped EV-Box achieve the tender for this project.

This rekindled partnership with the Municipality will optimize the city’s charging infrastructure, as Amsterdam strives to reach 4,000 public charging points by 2018, an impressive yet achievable increase of the current number of charging stations.

With its eyes set on this ambitious goal, Amsterdam will remain a poster child of electric mobility worldwide. In the past five years the city has installed about 1,700 public charging stations, which together generated over 2.5 million clean kilometers.

The home of green power

The power consumption of charging infrastructure has always been one of the key pain points in the EV industry. The Netherlands has been an early adopter of green power for all of its public charging stations. The current and new supply of charging points in Amsterdam will be powered by wind energy, generated via a wind farm owned by Wind Groep Holland and Nuon.

The maintenance of the city’s charging infrastructure is, as it should be, executed with electric vehicles. An experiment that connects charging speed to the actual amount of wind energy is also scheduled for this year.

These efforts are, without a doubt, a major step forward in converging clean energy and charging infrastructure, as well as in the Amsterdam journey toward a more sustainable future.

About EV-Box

EV-Box is an international market leader in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures and related cloud-based services, with an installed base of over 36,000 charging points worldwide that serves individuals, businesses, facilities and major public charging networks.

EV-Box is also one of the partners of the Coast to Coast e-Mobility Program.

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