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Coast to Coast e-Mobility

TomTom becomes 27th member of US/Dutch Coast to Coast e-Mobility Initiative

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TomTom becomes 27th member of
US/Dutch Coast to Coast e-Mobility Initiative


San Francisco — On March 30th, 2016, TomTom becomes the 27th member of the Coast to Coast e-Mobility Initiative to cooperate and develop the US and Dutch Smart e-Mobility market. The signing ceremony takes place at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco. The ceremony is led by Ms. Djoeke Adimi, Consul General, who signs on behalf of the Dutch Government. Mr. Ralf-Peter Schäfer signs on behalf of TomTom and Dr. Peter van Deventer on behalf of Coast to Coast e-Mobility. Ms. Elisabeth Post, Vice Governor of the Province of Noord-Holland will attend the ceremony as well.

“Coast-to-Coast e-Mobility is very excited that TomTom joins the partnership”, says Peter van Deventer, Director, “TomTom has become one of the most prominent data solution providers for Smart Mobility and eMobility challenges. They also strongly focus on research and development. I consider TomTom a great asset to the transatlantic cooperation between The Netherlands and California and their ambitions to accelerate the introduction of smarter and cleaner transportation.”

35de433c-d293-467f-b031-eddd79e242ac“We are very happy to be joining the Coast-to-Coast e-Mobility initiative”, says Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Head of Traffic at TomTom. “California is a leading region for e-Mobility and being part of the initiative will enable TomTom to partner with business and government in developing future approaches to smart mobility. As a leading provider of maps, traffic, and navigation, TomTom is ideally placed to address the future needs for cities and OEMs. With our extensive experience, we can help in reducing congestion and pollution as well as helping electric vehicles to perform better by avoiding traffic and reliably predicting their range.”

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STORM Pulse: Around the world in 80 days on an electric motorcycle

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maxresdefault  BvOF-2015_0923_CM-license-TUe-STORM-electric-motorcycle

Electric vehicles weren’t considered to be ‘cool’ by the general public until recently, thanks to Tesla and other carmakers and innovators that are going a long way to change perceptions of electric cars. As a group of students from Eindhoven University of Technology, we really wanted to broaden the appeal of e-mobility even further. The result: STORM Pulse, the world’s first electric touring motorcycle.

We chose a motorcycle because we want to demonstrate the possibilities of e-mobility to an audience that’s always going to be hard to please – real petrol heads. Compared to other mobility industries, the motorcycle industry has always been very conservative, favouring tradition over innovation. With STORM Pulse, we want to show what’s possible with e-mobility and help it gain widespread acceptance. Overcoming these barriers is essential if we are to create greener, more sustainable means of transport.
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