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STORM Pulse: Around the world in 80 days on an electric motorcycle

By 2016/03/14May 26th, 2024News

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Electric vehicles weren’t considered to be ‘cool’ by the general public until recently, thanks to Tesla and other carmakers and innovators that are going a long way to change perceptions of electric cars. As a group of students from Eindhoven University of Technology, we really wanted to broaden the appeal of e-mobility even further. The result: STORM Pulse, the world’s first electric touring motorcycle.

We chose a motorcycle because we want to demonstrate the possibilities of e-mobility to an audience that’s always going to be hard to please – real petrol heads. Compared to other mobility industries, the motorcycle industry has always been very conservative, favouring tradition over innovation. With STORM Pulse, we want to show what’s possible with e-mobility and help it gain widespread acceptance. Overcoming these barriers is essential if we are to create greener, more sustainable means of transport.

Designing for a leap in e-Mobility

We not only wanted the project to represent a leap forward in e-mobility, but we also wanted it to have an appealing design and incorporate the latest in connected technology. It was also vital that it was practical for long distance travel. Our ultimate ambition is to circle the globe with the improved version of STORM Pulse in 80 days.

STORM Pulse is unique for a number of key reasons. The batteries on STORM Pulse are completely modular – meaning they can be removed separately, which gives the user several advantages. It means they can be charged anywhere, no need to park near a plug socket just remove the batteries and charge them at home, the office or anywhere. During our 80 day journey, we plan to charge at people’s houses and public locations to demonstrate the flexibility of the battery system.

The bike doesn’t even need all of the batteries inserted to work. For shorter journeys around town, the batteries you need can be slotted in, providing lower weight and better performance benefits. With all of the batteries included, we expect to travel a range of 380 km and reach 0-100kmph in under 5 seconds.

Connected e-Mobility

Ensuring that STORM Pulse is connected has been very important for us, as we want it to be ready for the new connected world. Working with NXP and other partners, we have included some of the latest connectivity technology. STORM Pulse is fitted with an RFID-readable license plate and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology. The V2X technology will have a practical application for us on the round-the-world journey as we will be able to send diagnostic information to our support car to ensure we are running at maximum efficiency. We have also incorporated NFC ignition, so instead of a key the user just holds the handlebar using an NFC-enabled glove or ring.

STORM Pulse and the Coast to Coast e-Mobility program

The Coast to Coast e-Mobility connection is proud to announce that during STORM Pulse its 80-day journey around the world, more specifically during its weeks of traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast of the United States of America, it it one of STORM Eindhoven its main partners in hosting various events, meetings and projects alongside the route.

In collaboration with many other partners, the Coast to Coast e-Mobility program is currently very busy with the preparations for this so-called: “STORM World Tour Goes USA”. This tour will take place at the second half of 2016.

More information: to be announced.

STORM Pulse – The first electric touring motorcycle

This article is partly retrieved from the website of NXP, one of the partners of the Coast to Coast e-Mobility program, and can be found below:

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